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John Delaney FAI CEO forced to resign. Celtic’s Chief Apologist at UEFA and on Disciplinary Committee in 2011 when Rangers hit with PSV charges.

John Delaney in the fine traditions of Irish corporate payouts and cover-ups comes out smelling of roses with a shut up payout from FAI, the Irish football authority, where he was CEO from 2005 until 2019. Both parties agreed not to air their dirty laundry. Think the SFA are bad? Take a look at the … Continue reading

When they almost went bust: Celtic’s Unpaid Payroll Taxes in years prior to June 1994 Accounts and Creative Accounting in 1993 Accounts.

In the previous post it was highlighted Celtic’s deception in investigating the impact of the numerous child abusers that existed between Celtic FC and Celtic Boys Club whereby the board instead of secretly investigating contingencies should have been keeping the AIM stock market informed. Another period ripe for investigation are the years 1993 and 1994 … Continue reading

Market Abuse due to Child Abuse: Celtic Directors broke the AIM Listing rules on Disclosure on Secret Abuse Investigation.

Peter Lawwell announced on 1 June 2019 that for 2 years the Celtic Board had a third party a “wholly independent and experienced lawyer” investigate what were their possible liabilities regarding the numerous (ring) of paedophiles that occupied the nexus between Celtic FC and Celtic Boys Club. Now Mr Lawwell, how long have you been … Continue reading

Ajax’s Success undermines their case for Special Champions League treatment. While Embarrassing Celtic who never even Qualified for the Group Stages.

Contrast Ajax UEFA Games with Celtic Ajax began their 2018-19 Uefa Champions League on 25, July 2018, in the 2nd Qualifying Round beating Sturm Graz 2-0 in the Johan Cruff ArenA, Amsterdam. It took 6 qualifying games to get into the Champions League group. Unfortunately they lost their semi-final to away goals against Tottenham Hotspur … Continue reading

Why did The Co-operative Bank give Celtic Unsecured £31.5m in the year 2000 Given They Almost Went Bust in 1994? Decision Must Have Been Political.

In a previous post titled “Labour Party Triangle: Celtic PLC, The Co-operative ‘Ethical’ Bank, Glasgow City Council” we postulated that the Labour Party/Co-operative Party relationship appeared to be link that pulled everything together. We may have found the source(s). Co-operative Party/Labour Party unity ticket The previous post highlighted the Co-operative Party’s historic links politically with … Continue reading

Manchester City have a Player Agreement with Danish club FC Nordsjælland. Do they have one with Celtic?

Danish newspaper site Politiken headline on 8 November 2018 Manchester City Celtic Relationship Given the number of players Celtic sources from Manchester City, does the SFA/SPFL know if there is a formal agreement between both club defining the player exchange relationship? Manchester City even boasted of thirteen links in 2016. Although in that article they make no mention … Continue reading

For their Irish Republican mates, the SNP Scottish Govt Put Meeting Minutes & Comms on Celtic EU State Aid Case Beyond Scrutiny

SNP Scottish Government Response to EU State Aid Case Emails Minutes Revisited The relevant paragraph is number 2. above where the SNP Scottish Government declare that they retained no communications or minutes of any meetings between the Govt and Glasgow City Council & Celtic when compiling a submission response to the EU State Aid request … Continue reading

Ukio Bankas was the Beating Heart of $6 billion Troika Laundromat money laundering scheme. It all happened while Vlad Romanov was running & Ukio was funding Hearts.

The headline above appeared on an article on Bloomberg on March 9, 2019 just 5 days after the expose of the Troika Laundromat run by a Russian investment bank called Troika Dialog, which laundered billions of dollars to British Virgin Island companies. For the scheme to work then they needed a bank willing to not look too … Continue reading

Murdoch MacLennan’s Greater Second Conflict of Interest: Being chairman of the Press Association Group and the SPFL.

Media Groups Set the Narrative: Define What Can and Cannot Be Discussed The quote above is from a great book called ‘Manufacturing Consent’ by Herman & Chomsky. The main points are that media elites determine what is acceptable for the public discussion and what is off limits (They want you to subtly self-censor yourself so it does … Continue reading

Brian Quinn’s Financial Fair Play work almost certainly being pulled apart by UEFA independent inquiry into the corrupt Manchester City/PSG settlements

Independent Inquiry to rule on Manchester City FFP settlements Brian Quinn, Celtic ex-Chairman, who worked for the Investigatory Chamber of UEFA  Club Financial Control Panel (CFCB) which created the dodgy Financial Fair Play (FFP) settlements for Manchester City and Paris St-Germain (PSG) is currently having his work examined by an independent inquiry as reported above … Continue reading