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Land Celtic swapped with WSHA was Heavily Contaminated. Housing Association left with Clean-up Bill and let down by DV & Margaret Curran

The District Valuer (DV) in the swap of land between West of Scotland Housing Association (WSHA) and Celtic should have been working for WSHA but he let them down. He was WSHA’s agent/valuer/advisor and he should have ordered a Site Investigation of the Celtic land prior to transfer. The DV seemed more concerned about bring … Continue reading

GCC Compulsory Purchased WSHA land but when Surplus had to be sold back then GCC imposed extra conditions to make WSHA think twice

Eight years ago Glasgow City Council hit the West of Scotland Housing Association (WSHA) with a compulsory purchase order to acquire some WSHA land, the GCC received the land and never paid for it. This how the arrogant GCC operates. The land in question was CPO’d was for the East End regeneration Route/The Clyde Gateway. After the route … Continue reading

WSHA used HMRC District Valuer & Thought They Were Compromised in Land Dealings with Celtic. WSHA now in Arse Protection Mode.

The map above is the land Celtic used as security in December 2013 to prop up their Co-operative Bank loan & overdraft. This was the subject of a previous post. The red area on the RHS is the West of Scotland Housing Association (WSHA) land which was transferred to Celtic. A WSHA Committee Briefing document … Continue reading

Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland, Margaret Curran creates a shadow over transfer of WSHA public land to Celtic

The is the first of several posts, because this stuff goes deep into the heart of the Glasgow City Council, Scottish Labour party cabal that has worked under the momentum of the redevelopment of the East End, the East End Regeneration Route/The Clyde Gateway and The Commonwealth Games to deliver cheap land to Celtic PLC. … Continue reading

Celtic Park built on Made Ground comprising Ash, Rubble, Sand, Slag, Gravel & even Timber ranging from 27ft – 16ft thick in places

Our engineer says the SHEP report (Scottish Historic Environmental Policy) report done to justify the demolition of the London Road Primary School has been cobbled together – it’s several reports with sections missing from either a photocopy or fax and headers created. Have a look at it under GCC Planning reference 12/01360/DC. He said that no Site Investigation … Continue reading

Mineshaft, Fault, Voids, Coal Workings, Made Ground conveniently used to justify demolition of LRPS quickly forgotten by GCC in New Building approval

The diagram above is from the Flood Risk and Drainage Assessment document for Celtic FC’s new Superstore, Museum, Theatre, Ticket Office, Offices & Cafe under GCC planning reference 12/01359/DC. To allow this development Celtic were allowed to demolish the Category B Listed London Road Primary School(LRPS). The diagram shows the New Building housing the multiple storey Superstore, Museum, Theatre,Ticket … Continue reading

In 2001 No Environmental Assessment required for re-development of Westhorn Recreational Ground

So in 2001, when Celtic FC requested planning permission of Glasgow City Council for the laying of pitches, new road access and parking it should have triggered an Environmental Assessment if there were any abnormals/contamination/mines. Yet as we can see above there were none. Suddenly in 2008, seven years after the planning approval and extensive use … Continue reading