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NHS advisers thought Celtic had ‘a strategy’ for ‘Greenbelt’ Lennoxtown and Lennoxtown Initiative were working for Celtic.

Celtic’s fight against NHS Clawback provisions NHS Property sales must have a Clawback provision built into any land sale in order that the NHS benefit if the land is sold on. Another document released by NHS GGC, shows how Celtic fought so hard not to have this inclusion that advisers, Tom Campbell CE of the … Continue reading

The Coal Authority gives Westhorn land a Clean Bill of Health

Mine Entries: There are no known coal mine entries within, or within 20 metres of, the boundary of the property. Coal mining geology: The Authority is not aware of any evidence of damage arising due to geological faults or other lines of weakness that have been affected by coal mining. Opencast coal mining: Past – … Continue reading

Lawwell’s knockbacked first offer for Lennoxtown was £42,000

NHS GGC have been busy releasing documents relating to the Lennoxtown Initiative and the Celtic transaction that up until now have been hidden. Been going through them but two documents stand out. Celtic’s Measly Offer Knockbacked  This is a copy of a letter from Tom Campbell, Chief Executive of the Lennoxtown Initiative to Peter Lawwell. His … Continue reading

Westthorn Colliery nowhere near Westhorn Recreation ground

There are claims that there was coal mining on Celtic’s purchased Westhorn/Westthorn land. This a lie. Westthorn Colliery In the 1828-29 Post Office directory there are three entries for Westthorn Colliery all at 41 Dunlop St: Now Dunlop St doesn’t exist any more but a handy site shows what it is called now: And where … Continue reading

Compare Abnormals on Commonwealth Games site vs Westhorn

This post will compare the actual abnormals remediated on the Commonwealth Games Athletes Village site and the ‘creative’ abnormals which gave Celtic PLC such a large discount on Westhorn/Westthorn. Commonwealth Games Athletes Village The map above is from the 1897 Parkhead Ordnance Survey. Let’s list the industries along the site from NE to SW: Springfield … Continue reading

Lennoxtown Initiative a financial disaster: Celtic sale only recouped half their clean-up costs

How did the plan in the NHS Greater Glasgow trust proposal for Lennox Castle Hospital pushed by Chief Executive, Tom Divers work out? Did all the millions roll in for the land sales? From the proposal it says the demolition/clean-up costs for both the upper site, Celtic’s land, and the lower site, NHS/Mactaggart & Mickel’s development, were estimated … Continue reading

Celtic Service Level Agreement

From an East Dunbartonshire council report dated 27 June 2013 there appears this entry: It can safely be assumed that the Service Agreement is being paid from The Lennoxtown Initiative to Celtic FC. The Lennoxtown Initiative, set-up to fund projects in the community from the ‘residual’ money left over from the Lennox Castle hospital land … Continue reading

Lennoxtown: Is it Green Belt Compatible? Is it Leisure/Recreational?

Celtic’s Lennoxtown Training Centre really merges with the landscape. There is a seamless transition from the fields and forest to the ‘Greenbelt Compatible‘ training facility. As you can see it’s extremely hard to spot the training centre. The justification for allowing Celtic to purchase the 19.45 hectares cheaply and to build their training facility at Lennoxtown rests … Continue reading

Lennoxtown Initiative played a key part in Celtic getting Lennoxtown land

The Lennoxtown Initiative This is a brief introduction to the The Lennoxtown Initiative and some new players and a welcome back to some characters we’ve met before. There will almost certainly be other posts as we drill down and info flows into the blog. Duedil provides an initial overview: The Lennoxtown Initiative was created as a Charity. And who … Continue reading

More Verification on Westhorn Land

Verification no.1 The map above is from the Clyde Network Green Network Strategy document created in 2007 by Land Use Consultants. It was prepared for Glasgow City Council, South Lanarkshire Council, Scottish Enterprise, Communities Scotland and the GCV Green Network. So the document is endorsed by all those bodies. Westhorn in Yellow is classified as  ‘Occasional inorganic & … Continue reading