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Stock Exchange notices for INM plc show Murdoch MacLennan not declared chairman till March whereas SPFL claim told directors January. Implications for INM plc insiders who/when told SPFL.

London Stock Exchange notices for 9th January and 7th March show MacLennan not declared Chairman until 7th March 2018 Claims were made in the press by the Scottish Premier Football League (“SPFL’), in challenge to Rangers chairman Dave King, that the SPFL in January 2018 informed the SPFL board of directors of the appointment of Murdoch MacLennan as chairman of … Continue reading

Murdoch MacLennan SPFL Chairman has a Conflict of Interest being Chairman of INM plc, Irish media company controlled by Celtic shareholders Dermot Desmond & Denis O’Brien.

Independent News & Media PLC Murdoch MacLennan should have declared a Conflict of Interest to the SPFL Board where he’s the Chairman, when he was appointed Chairman of Independent News & Media PLC (“INM plc”) on 1st March 2018 and been forced by the SPFL board to resign. The SPFL chairman cannot be employed by … Continue reading

Hearts Admin Part 3: HMRC owed £1.75m for Kaunas Loans for Unpaid PAYE/NIC, Shonky Share Offer, Un-issued Shares

What would the ‘Sporting Integrity’ mob say about a football team using foreign loan players, evading PAYE/NIC to the HMRC then getting out of pay that bill: Between 2005 – 2010, Hearts used loan players from Lithuanian club, FBK Kaunas to play in the Scottish division.  In 2012, HMRC warned Hearts it wanted £1.75m for the … Continue reading

Magnitsky: Dead Russian lawyer, Ukio/Romanov, Rietumu/Desmond. Scottish Football owners banks & stolen Russian funds.

Sergei Magnitsky Want to know what happens in Russia if you challenge the authorities then read Bill Browder’s book Red Notice. Bill Browder started a Hedge fund, Hermitage Capital Management to take advantage of the wild east of Russia’s public asset carve up after Yelstin then Putin took over from Gorbachev.  Unfortunately his fund’s wealth … Continue reading

Hearts Admin Part 2: McCrae’s Battalion honour

As mentioned in the previous post on Heart of Midlothian Plc’s Administration: The vast majority of Heart of Midlothian Plc’s Unsecured Creditors never got paid, apart from the Football Debt to comply with SFA/SPFL rules. Hearts got out of administration writing off debts of £27.472m out of £28.424m owed to crditors However it’s not the large … Continue reading

Hearts Admin Part 1: Vlad, SPL & Media kept Schtum. Creditors stiffed out of £27.5m, £28.4m owed. Budge gets control for £2.5m.

As Scotland heads back to Lithuania today Friday, 1st September 2017, for a World Cup Qualifier the talk of Lithuania it must brings back memories of when Hearts was controlled by Vladimir Romanov, pictured above, via his Lithuanian companies which had propped up Hearts for many years before the company, Heart of Midlothian Plc (‘HoM’) … Continue reading

Martin O’Neil’s overspend bought 2001 Treble using Dermot Desmond’s Bank Guarantee. Debt needed to be cleared by share offer.

In the Celtic accounts for year ending 30 June 2001, Chairman Brian Quinn acclaims their first Treble in over 30 years but the clue to how it was achieved appears in the next paragraph: Celtic made a gross investment of over £21m in players. The players signed are listed in the accounts:       … Continue reading

Steven Purcell started the GCC policy of Off Market deals used in the Celtic land deals of 2007 but only made it official in 2009.

There has always been corruption in Glasgow City Council politics but Steven Purcell’s reign as Labour party leader of Glasgow City Council from 2005 to 2010 made cronyism Glasgow City Council policy. The council showed no shame in favouring certain Labour supporting mates especially for land disposals. Remember this was the time of ALEOs (the AL, … Continue reading

EDC used Campsie Youth funds in Lennoxtown charity to clear the Celtic SLA when Campsie FC needed an all weather pitch

Why did East Dunbartonshire Council (EDC) take £33,360 that were earmarked in the Lennoxtown Initiative charity specially for Campsie Youth, to cover-up over-payments to Celtic FC, who have a multi-million pound training centre in Lennoxtown, via the Celtic Service Level Agreement? Note: Celtic’s training facility was approved by the East Dunbartonshire Council in a Greenbelt … Continue reading

Labour Party Triangle: Celtic PLC, The Co-operative ‘Ethical’ Bank, Glasgow City Council

Labour Party Triangle is like the Bermuda Triangle where public subsidies are milked and disappear. One corner of the triangle, the Labour controlled Glasgow City Council has been damaged but may be only some replaced with like minded SNP suits. However The Co-operative ‘Ethical’ Bank will not be reincarnated as the funder of this triangle. … Continue reading