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Celtic FC getting sucked into the Labour Party Co-operative Bank Scandal

As well as the evolving local Glasgow scandal of Celtic receiving cheap land deals from a Scottish Labour controlled Glasgow City Council and Greater Glasgow Health Board. Celtic have been using that land as security to obtain cheap interest rate loans from the Labour riddled Co-operative Bank, most likely through former Chairman John Reid and Director Brian Wilson, both … Continue reading

London Road Primary School: Historic Scotland’s condemnation of Glasgow City Council

The letter above from Historic Scotland to Glasgow City Council’s Development and Regeneration Services, developers of Celtic’s application for demolition of the London Road Primary School, dated 26 June 2013, makes plain that they hold the Council culpable of calculated neglect of the School building and that the Council did not apply the normal tests required under … Continue reading

London Road Primary School: More Glasgow City Council Favours for Celtic

There are two Glasgow City Council planning references being used by the Council to facilitate Celtic’s quest for the destruction of the London Road Primary School which they don’t own. The first is 12/01359/DC which relates to the Development of the site containing the school: https://publicaccess.glasgow.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=documents&keyVal=M6P7G0EXW4000 And the second is 12/01360/DC which relates to the Demolition of the … Continue reading

Lennoxtown Sale: Approved solely by Tom Divers CEO Greater Glasgow Health Board

In 2006, when Celtic bought Lennoxtown, formerly the Lennox Castle Hospital, from the Scottish Government you would think that large amount of land, 19.45 hectares = 48 acres = 194,500 sq metres [approx. 28 football pitches assuming a pitch is 7,000 sq. metres] would require the payment of a large sum of money and the approval of a … Continue reading

Bro. Walfrid Statue’s Premature Erection: Planning Permission 3 years late

Celtic proudly celebrated the unveiling in November 2005 of a statue to their founder Bro. Walfrid and his ethos of helping the poor.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brother_Walfrid Unfortunately no one at Celtic had applied for planning permission and no one at Glasgow City Council Planning Dept. seemed aware of this fact although many councillors are Celtic season ticket holders.  It took … Continue reading