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Want to see what the Celtic SLA was supposed to deliver? Every year for 9 years.

Under FoI we were able to get a copy of the Lennoxtown Initiative Project Development Group paper titled ‘Service Level Agreement between Lennoxtown Initiative and Celtic PLC‘ dated December 2005. This document was used as the basis to calculate the Payment Schedule contained in Part 2 of the SLA Agreement which was signed by the Lennoxtown … Continue reading

Lennoxtown: NHSGGC in Breach of contract with Lower Site Developer. This Funding Model was supposed to pay debts in charity and Celtic SLA

This paragraph is from a 2014 NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde [NHSGGC] report, ‘Paper 14/71 – Sale of Lands at the Former Lennox Castle Hospital’.  What is the agreement breach or as they say euphemistically ‘have not met the terms and conditions’? Another earlier paragraph says: So since 2007/8 McTaggart & Mickel [M&M] have funded NHSGGC, … Continue reading