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Nobody Expects The Spanish Inquisition In Glasgow But These Days You Would Not Be Surprised: Part 1

In a previous post we highlighted the Jesuit run school, St Aloysius in Glasgow. If you thought they were the RC church’s shock troops well the SNP welcomed even heavier dudes/lassies – Opus Dei. What next the Spanish Inquisition?   Opus Dei Scotland AKAs In Scotland, if you have ever donated or sponsored the following … Continue reading

For their Irish Republican mates, the SNP Scottish Govt Put Meeting Minutes & Comms on Celtic EU State Aid Case Beyond Scrutiny

SNP Scottish Government Response to EU State Aid Case Emails Minutes Revisited The relevant paragraph is number 2. above where the SNP Scottish Government declare that they retained no communications or minutes of any meetings between the Govt and Glasgow City Council & Celtic when compiling a submission response to the EU State Aid request … Continue reading

James O’Donovan, IRA’s top emissary to Nazi Germany, who planned/co-ordinated 1939 UK bombing campaign was educated at St Aloysius, Glasgow.

Give me the child for the first seven years and I will give you the man. Ignatius of Loyola, creator of the Jesuit order St Aloysius Glasgow is a Jesuit school. This maybe explains their hatred of the Reformed church, Protestantism, and it’s surrogate Rangers Football Club. The Jesuits were formed to lead the ‘counter-reformation’ against … Continue reading

Ukio Bankas was the Beating Heart of $6 billion Troika Laundromat money laundering scheme. It all happened while Vlad Romanov was running & Ukio was funding Hearts.

The headline above appeared on an article on Bloomberg on March 9, 2019 just 5 days after the expose of the Troika Laundromat run by a Russian investment bank called Troika Dialog, which laundered billions of dollars to British Virgin Island companies. For the scheme to work then they needed a bank willing to not look too … Continue reading