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Andrea Traverso, UEFA Club Licencing and FFP Head, Resolution 12 Letter Author was in charge of the 2014 Man City/PSG FFP corrupt settlements.

Remember in 2016, the Celtic fan group Resolution 12 waving a UEFA letter around that they claimed said Rangers were a new club? Well the letter was from Andrea Traverso, UEFA Club Licencing and Financial Fair Play. Here’s his signature at the bottom of the letter: 2014 Corrupt Financial Fair Play Settlements for Manchester City … Continue reading

Peter Lawwell, Rummenigge’s ECA bagman at UEFA, returns with nothing while the Elite clubs with their Super League plan to exclude the other clubs.

This is Peter Lawwell returning from his UEFA committee/ECA (European Club Association) board endeavours sucking up to Europe’s elite football clubs and movers & shakers like Karl Heinz Rummenigge. What did he bring back? As stated in a previous post: That’s an extra Champions League qualifier for his team Celtic although Mr Lawwell gained¬†a place … Continue reading

Sporting Integrity: In 2014 Brian Quinn was running investigations in UEFA ‘Financial Fair Play’ when UEFA corruptly submitted to Man City and PSG pressure.

Only 6 weeks ago, in September 2018,we posted this about Brian Quinn, Celtic’s ex-chairman and the close relationship between Celtic and Manchester City: Then yesterday, 2nd November 2018, it was exposed by Football Leaks via numerous newspapers including the Daily Telegraph that there was subterfuge¬†in the ‘negotiation’ of both Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain’s FFP … Continue reading