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Lennoxtown Valuations & Monitoring Proforma

NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde(NHSGGC), the successor of Greater Glasgow Health Board(GGHB), due to numerous FoI requests has kindly listed some of the documents related to the Lennoxtown transaction with Celtic in the following list. Amazing with this amount of source material none of the mainstream media have picked up the documents, not even a comment that … Continue reading

Planning for Lennox Castle Hospital sale was ‘Bullshit Compatible’

Search on Google for the planning term ‘Greenbelt Compatible‘ and only once does it appear – for the sale of Lennoxtown to Celtic FC. Planning seems to be an exercise in justifying for or against any development. Have a look at the following Lennoxtown diagram from the Green Networks Planning Guidance Note from East Dunbartonshire Council … Continue reading

Options to acquire land given solely to Celtic can be construed as State Aid

Options are a right but not an obligation to acquire or sell an asset. There are derivative markets all around the world in which options & futures are bought & sold.  Options can also be traded off-market, called over-the-counter. Options have value – they are worth money, even in private transactions. Actual options when solely awarding … Continue reading

Westhorn Geotechnical Report: An Extrapolation too far?

Glasgow City Council have repeatedly refused to release a Geotechnical Report which is the key basis of the discount of £3.5 Million given on land valued at £4.2 Million to Celtic FC.  That is an 83% discount and that was after the land valued was reduced to 7 hectares (Celtic still got the 13.5 hectares) because … Continue reading