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The Lennoxtown Initiative had ‘in principle’ Service Level Agreement agreed with Celtic before Lennoxtown sale

The excerpt above comes from a NHS GGC [NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde] document entitled Updated Report for CE and Dir Fin – former Lennox Castle Hospital. Although undated, this document under the NHS GGC list of documents relating to the Sale of Land at former Lennox Castle it can be placed in a timeline. … Continue reading

So how did East Dunbartonshire Council ‘independently’ evaluate the Celtic SLA without a copy of the agreement?

Amazing that East Dunbartonshire Council (EDC) which benefited to the tune of £884,167 worth of ‘services’ through the Celtic SLA over the 9 years ending recently on the 31st March 2014 did not have a copy of the Celtic SLA. So are we led to believe that EDC received the services but had no clue where … Continue reading

Celtic SLA: NHSGGC, EDC & SE claim they do not have a copy of the document. Even though they allocated funds or benefited.

Neither of the two public bodies that put the most money into the Celtic SLA, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde (NHSGGC) and Scottish Enterprise (SE) have a copy of the Celtic SLA. Also East Dunbartonshire Council (EDC), a funder and the main recipient of the Celtic SLA’s delivered ‘services’ does not have a copy of … Continue reading

NHSGGC say they have no copy of Minutes of Corporate Governance meeting approving Lennoxtown sale to Celtic

On the NHSGGC [NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde] website they have created a whole page of documents relating to the Lennoxtown sale to Celtic. And a quote from the main page reads (PCD means the Primary Care Division): Therefore the minutes of that CORPORATE GOVERNANCE meeting which would have proven there was oversight on the transaction including: … Continue reading

Why GCC does not want to give up Westhorn Geotechnical report: It’s Celtic’s. GCC could not be bothered independently verifying.

The excerpts above are from a report from the Information Commissioner resulting from a request to obtain Glasgow City Council’s (GCC) Geotechnical Report upon which the valuation of the Westhorn Recreational Ground sold to Celtic FC rests. Except it’s not the Council’s report – it’s Celtic FC’s, the buyer. And the GCC calls it an attempt … Continue reading