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Last year Thomas Glen East Dunbartonshire’s Depute Chief Executive was economical with the truth in answering Jo Swinson MP

When queries were being made 2015 about the operations of The Lennoxtown Initiative charity and the Celtic Service Level Agreement (Celtic SLA). Jo Swinson then a MP of East Dunbartonshire constituency wrote to East Dunbartonshire Council (EDC) enquiring about the latter. Here is a copy of Ms Swinson’s reply to one of her constituents given … Continue reading

No way was the Celtic EU State Aid case ever going to get a fair hearing by the EU Commission.

Wikileaks 2004 US Cable on Secretary Snow meeting Irish Politicians & Businessmen The cable is titled: DISCUSSIONS WITH THE ARCHITECTS OF THE CELTIC TIGER ECONOMY. On 15 November 2004, U.S. Treasury Secretary John W. Snow met: Dermot Desmond Charlie McCreevy [at the time EU Commissioner-designate and former Irish Finance Minister] Ray McSharry [at the time former … Continue reading

Evidence in The Lennoxtown Initiative 2010 Minutes that Directors knew charity would not have enough funds for Celtic Service Level Agreement

  The 2010 minutes of The Lennoxtown Initiative for the meeting are listed on the NHSGGC FOI website and demonstrates that: 1. The Directors of The Lennoxtown Initiative knew they were going into a state of insolvency 2. The most important aspect for the directors of the charity appears to be the payments to Celtic under … Continue reading

Why is The Offshore Game not going after Barcelona for EU State Aid and Messi’s Tax Fraud? They are not the only ones posted missing.

Two High Profile Legal Cases involving Barcelona in Last Week On the 4 July 2016 there should have been fireworks from The Offshore Game when the EU Competition Commissioner issuing a declaration that Spanish clubs including Real Madrid and Barcelona had to repay State Aid which was incompatible with fair competition: But what was heard … Continue reading

Fit & Proper: Dermot Desmond owns 33% of Latvian Bank reported & fined for Money Laundering and Tax Avoidance

This Intellinews report on April 18 2016  from earlier this year describes a French tax evasion scheme using a Latvian bank called Rietumu as well as, in general, highlighting Latvian bank usage in money laundering especially for Eastern European/Russian clients. More detail below. Dermot Desmond’s Shareholding in Latvian Rietumu Bank Who should turn up as 33.11% owner of Rietumu … Continue reading