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In 2008 GCC acquired 3 hectares of Springfield Rd land across from Celtic Park valued at £20 million. In 2007 Westthorn at 5.46 hectares sold to Celtic for £675,000.

In August 2008 Glasgow City Council (GCC) approved two transactions in the Springfield Rd area opposite Celtic Park: 1. An acquisition for a Springfield Rd site of 3 Hectares for £20 million. (on the lower LHS above) 2. a proposed disposal of a second commercial London Rd/Springfield Rd site that became in 2012 a Retail/Hotel development … Continue reading

Was Brian Quinn Banking Supervision’s behind Celtic’s cheap rate Co-operative Bank loan/overdraft in 2000 and his FFP job behind the letter from UEFA Licencing head?

Mr Quinn’s Celtic career began when he became a non-executive director in 1996 when he left the Bank of England then in 2000 he became chairman. Just a reminder that while at the Bank of England he was Head of Banking Supervision. We covered his supervisory highlights in the previous post. Was it then just … Continue reading

Brian Quinn’s failures in his Banking Supervision role for the BoE in the BCCI collapse did not prevent his appointment at UEFA’s Financial Fair Play.

Today is the 10th anniversary of Lehman Brothers bank collapse prompting the start of the Global Financial Crisis in 2018. This week there was a tweet with the list of the top ten bankers responsible for the GFC. It was blank. The following is of an earlier bank failure which also did not find certain … Continue reading