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Commissar Robertson encourages scapegoating attacks on Innocent Ranger Fans that don’t like BLM Terrorism Symbols & Actions in the Middle of a Pandemic. When is the Train To The Re-Education Camps?

Robertson Scores – Only It’s an Own Goal A Commissar was an officer in the Russian communist Red Army that was there to enforce the communist dogma. Any soldier not following it put on suicide missions,  shot or worse sent to Siberia. Commissar Robertson on the Rangers website, on Monday 20 July 2020, conflated two … Continue reading

Proof of Paedophile Ring: Frank Cairney lobbied to bring Torbett back as fundraiser in 1980. When he knew in 1977, from CSA Club meeting Torbett was Paedophile.

Celtic Supp’s Association Club at Barrowfield Used by Torbett and Cairney Celtic want to cover up Westthorn so much their development of the Indoor Pitch which is on Westthorn is called Barrowfield. Maybe Celtic should name the whole complex Westthorn because Barrowfield has been named as the location of several offences of the Celtic/Boys Club … Continue reading

Celtic Supporters Association Secretary Joe O’Rourke, condoned by Lawwell, still tweeting his Bile from bigot central in Port Glasgow.

Lawwell Keeps His Bigot Head of CSA in Place where He still Issues His Bile In April 2012, The Herald report above, about Joe O’Rourke, Secretary of the Celtic Supporters Association after tweeting his wish that Protestant engineers that built the Titanic would have drowned when she went down. Within the bounds of normal behaviour, … Continue reading

Muddling Through With the Three Stooges with their Scorched Scottish Football Earth Policy of their Master Will Not Reach a Solution For Next Season. Status Quo Not an Option.

Lawyers, PR and Politicians (Labour/SNP same football shirt underneath) Rod McKenzie’s fingerprints are all over the shenanigans with the two SPFL sycophants, Neil Doncaster and Murdoch MacLennan hiding behind McKenzie ‘metaphorically’ and his statements including the pre-written one in reply to the Rangers dossier speedily sent out before reading it. Here’s Mr McKenzie representing the … Continue reading

Celtic Redevelopment Indoor Training Centre at Westthorn shows the EU State Aid case was valid. The DV was correct. Abnormal Costs are Corrupt.

Glasgow City Council Valuation of Westthorn Since Celtic bought Westthorn for £675,000 in 2009, from Glasgow City Council, they have done nothing with it except use it as security on the Co-Op Bank low interest overdrafts and loans. Note that Westthorn was bought after Celtic decided to move their training centre to Lennoxtown. It would … Continue reading

Celtic Player Football Debts March 1994: Charlie Nicholas owed £100,000 by Celtic for over 3 Years then given Dempsey Land/House Tax Avoidance/Side Deal/Football Debt deal.

Celtic’s Bankruptcy Threat Trigger was March 1994 Sheffield United Demand for £350,000 for Willie Falconer In fact it was demands for a player debt that prompted the Bank Of Scotland to call in Celtic’s overdraft. Willie Falconer was signed in January 1994 from Sheffield Untied for £350,000 and it was the demand for that full … Continue reading

Murdoch MacLennan’s Conflict of Interest remains even though O’Brien and Desmond have sold their INM Plc shares. Teams Realise They’re All SPFL Bitches Now!

Murdoch MacLennan reading oath at Leveson Inquiry 10 January 2012 link. INM Plc Has Gone Private But Conflict of Interest Remains Last year Denis O’Brien, Celtic shareholder who had 29.9%, and Dermot Desmond, controlling shareholder of Celtic Plc, had 15%, respectively of INM Plc. A Belgium based media group, Mediahuis, firstly acquired a percentage of … Continue reading

It’s Just a Coincidence that Murdoch MacLennan had to defend Data Protection Problems with Emails at INM Plc.

Data Protection Problems with Emails at INM Plc In 2018, the first major problem Murdoch MacLennan, as a director and then as chairman of INM plc, had to deal with was serious Data Protection problems concerning Denis O’Brien. Such was the gravity of the concerns, that the irish corporate regulator, ODCE (Office of the Director … Continue reading

Celtic 1992 HMRC investigation of Unpaid Payroll Tax in 1994 Accounts. Tax Avoidance scheme, Side Deals, Cash and Disguised Payments.

In a previous post we highlighted the revisionism of several of the Celtic annual accounts after the Fergus McCann takeover in March 1994. One of the main items was Unpaid Payroll taxes which were detailed by Mr McCann in the Celtic 1994 accounts:  In the notes the figure of £170,485 is given, in the first … Continue reading

Adidas, Celtic’s new Shirt Sponsor, Named and Shamed as using Uighur Forced Labour in China.

On the 1st March 2020, a few days before the Daily Record, on the 4th March 2020, named Adidas as Celtic’s next shirt supplier, the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) in a reported titled “Uyghurs for Sale” named Adidas in a group of companies that allegedly used companies that exploit forced Uyghur/Uighur labour as recently … Continue reading