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Thomas Partl: Chairman of UEFA Control, Ethics & Disciplinary for over 20 Years. Appeaser of Celtic/Green Brigade.

From Roger Pielke jr’s paper ‘Obstacles to Accountability in International Sports Governance’. For the prevention of corruption in organisations it is important that there should be turnover at the top level of organisations. Entrenched persons involved in corruption has been seen in footballing authorities from FIFA with Sepp Blatter and the member representatives taking bribes, … Continue reading

Martin Hendry SFA Review into Football Child Abuse Chairman: Roles at LGBT Youth, which he founded with James Rennie paedophile, and RC Church compromise any SFA Report.

Martin Henry’s Child Protection Bonafides Martin Henry is SFA Review Chairman tasked to be leading the SFA Independent Review of Sexual Abuse in Football. Mr Henry’s track record in child protection is poor since he worked with one of Scotland worst atrocious paedophile, James Rennie at LGBT Youth Scotland, and did not even suspect Rennie … Continue reading

John Delaney FAI CEO forced to resign. Celtic’s Chief Apologist at UEFA and on Disciplinary Committee in 2011 when Rangers hit with PSV charges.

John Delaney in the fine traditions of Irish corporate payouts and cover-ups comes out smelling of roses with a shut up payout from FAI, the Irish football authority, where he was CEO from 2005 until 2019. Both parties agreed not to air their dirty laundry. Think the SFA are bad? Take a look at the … Continue reading

When they almost went bust: Celtic’s Unpaid Payroll Taxes in years prior to June 1994 Accounts and Creative Accounting in 1993 Accounts.

In the previous post it was highlighted Celtic’s deception in investigating the impact of the numerous child abusers that existed between Celtic FC and Celtic Boys Club whereby the board instead of secretly investigating contingencies should have been keeping the AIM stock market informed. Another period ripe for investigation are the years 1993 and 1994 … Continue reading

Market Abuse due to Child Abuse: Celtic Directors broke the AIM Listing rules on Disclosure on Secret Abuse Investigation.

Peter Lawwell announced on 1 June 2019 that for 2 years the Celtic Board had a third party a “wholly independent and experienced lawyer” investigate what were their possible liabilities regarding the numerous (ring) of paedophiles that occupied the nexus between Celtic FC and Celtic Boys Club. Now Mr Lawwell, how long have you been … Continue reading

Barriers in Scotland to any Independent Inquiry by the Scottish football authorities and the Police.

Timing is everything. The SFA has just appointed unopposed a new President in Rod Petrie, the Hibs chairman who declared after Hibs fans riot at the Scottish Cup final in May 2016 it was just exuberance. And boy did the SFA do SFA. The article is written by Jane Hamilton who Rangers fans will remember … Continue reading

SFA/SPL Letters: SFA come over all heavy then Stewart Regan and Andrew McKinlay desert the sinking ship. Why in same week in February 2018?

Above is Andrew McKinlay’s SFA Letter 2012 on Behalf of Stewart Regan to the conscientious MP asking about the possible paedophile ring at the intersection of Celtic and their youth feeder club Celtic Boys Club. Firstly they shut down allegations down saying those matters were the subject of a criminal case and the offender was convicted … Continue reading

SFA/SPL Letters: Neil Doncaster’s ‘I thought I was out but I pulled us back in’ SPFL Merger

We have come across a number of genuine letters that were communications in 2012/13 between a conscientious MP and Scottish football authorities regarding the possibility of a paedophile ring operating at Celtic/Boys Club.  Firstly we will examine the SPL Neil Doncaster’s reply letter. Neil Doncaster Letter Mr Doncaster acknowledges in the first sentence that the … Continue reading

Ajax’s Success undermines their case for Special Champions League treatment. While Embarrassing Celtic who never even Qualified for the Group Stages.

Contrast Ajax UEFA Games with Celtic Ajax began their 2018-19 Uefa Champions League on 25, July 2018, in the 2nd Qualifying Round beating Sturm Graz 2-0 in the Johan Cruff ArenA, Amsterdam. It took 6 qualifying games to get into the Champions League group. Unfortunately they lost their semi-final to away goals against Tottenham Hotspur … Continue reading

Why did The Co-operative Bank give Celtic Unsecured £31.5m in the year 2000 Given They Almost Went Bust in 1994? Decision Must Have Been Political.

In a previous post titled “Labour Party Triangle: Celtic PLC, The Co-operative ‘Ethical’ Bank, Glasgow City Council” we postulated that the Labour Party/Co-operative Party relationship appeared to be link that pulled everything together. We may have found the source(s). Co-operative Party/Labour Party unity ticket The previous post highlighted the Co-operative Party’s historic links politically with … Continue reading