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After 7 years EDC Planning finally enforces a Major Planning Condition of Lennoxtown

After years of intransigence against residents complaints, East Dunbartonshire Council has decided to grow some balls and enforce a major condition of planning approval being awarded to Celtic plc for the development of Lennoxtown. The requirement was that Celtic plc build an access road to the training facility. This has not happened yet. Lennoxtown opened in October … Continue reading

Co-operative Bank Risk Management: Football loans being managed for rundown or exit

Just had a look at the Co-operative Bank plc Annual report and accounts 2013 and it looks like they don’t want a bar of the Celtic plc loans which are the largest Football club loans. Let’s have a look at Risk Management and the Football clubs categories: Now under the first category BaCB there are … Continue reading

GCC was informed of the HSE zones in 2008. Why then expand them when selling Westhorn in 2009?

We saw the Health & Safety Executive zone map for John Dewar & Sons Ltd, Westhorn’s neighbour, which had the three tdu (Thermal Dose Units) zones: In the HSE response to Glasgow City Council on the John Dewar & Sons planning application during June 2008: 08/00221/DC | Use of warehouses, bottling hall, cased goods store and tank farms … Continue reading

Questions on Lennoxtown: Delegated powers, Valuations & Planning Approval, Professional Valuers and Why no marketing?

Delegated Powers The NHS GGC claims in a post called Structure of NHS Greater Glasgow during the period 2002 -2006 that it was the Greater Glasgow Primary Care NHS Trust that had delegated powers from 1st April 1999 – 31st March 2004. And that it had the same delegated powers as the Greater Glasgow NHS … Continue reading

GGHB/NHS GGC Board had no oversight on Lennox Castle Hospital land sale

It’s been said that the GGHB/NHS GGC Board knew all about and were across the Lennox Castle Hospital land sales. Well it doesn’t appear so. I’ve searched the NHS GGC document site after the 22nd October 2002 when the GGHB Board agreed to the contents of Board Paper 02/71, which only relates to the disbursement of funds, the … Continue reading

Health & Safety Executive blasts Westhorn ‘unknown’ zone & GCC valuation to bits

The map above shows what Glasgow City Council sold to Celtic FC in April 2009 when they bought Westhorn. Now lets re-visit the GCC valuation method which came on a FoI reply: Note the last bullet point immediately above which reduces the total area of 13.5 acres by almost half, 6.5 acres, so you would … Continue reading