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Why is The Offshore Game not going after Barcelona for EU State Aid and Messi’s Tax Fraud? They are not the only ones posted missing.

Two High Profile Legal Cases involving Barcelona in Last Week On the 4 July 2016 there should have been fireworks from The Offshore Game when the EU Competition Commissioner issuing a declaration that Spanish clubs including Real Madrid and Barcelona had to repay State Aid which was incompatible with fair competition: But what was heard … Continue reading

Peter Lawwell & Scottish Coal Mining: Profit Stripping Cabal, Taxpayers Left with Cleanup Bills & Communities Polluted

Liquidations, Unemployment, Polluted Communities & The Public Purse Peter Lawwell’s fingerprints and those of a cabal of former Directors have now been found in the coal dust of three Scottish Coal companies plus another company, Monktonhall Colliery, all of which ended up in administration/liquidated. This was after the profits & assets were stripped out in the good times. The latest liquidation, on … Continue reading

Ian Livingston – Celtic Director. One of Largest UK Corporate user of Tax Avoidance

Ian Livingston [Flying the Union Flag] The Independent Non-Executive Director of Celtic PLC is described on the Celtic website: In his biography from Bloomberg’s Businessweek: ‘Mr. Ian Paul Livingston, B.A, A.C.A. has been the Chief Executive Officer of BT Group plc, the holding company of BT Global Services since June 1, 2008. Mr. Livingston serves … Continue reading

Brian Duffy – Celtic Director. The Bhoy From Castlemilk milked the UK of Tax

Brian Duffy The Independent Non-Executive Director of Celtic PLC is described on the Celtic website, http://www.celticfc.net/corporate_boardofdirectors : In The Scotsman on 30th January 2012, Duffy was lauded as a success: ‘Being in the right place at the right time. That’s what Professor Brian Duffy, president and chief operating officer of Polo Ralph Lauren Europe and a … Continue reading

Damian McBride – Brains behind the Rangers Tax Case blog?

Damian McBride On 11th April 2009 the SMEARGATE Affair was exposed when a Senior Advisor/Spindoctor of UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown had to fall on his sword when emails surfaced of a plot to create a Blog to be called ‘Red Rag’ to smear & blacken the names of Tory MPs & ministers including David … Continue reading

Aftermath of The Scottish Coal (Deep Mine) Company Limited liquidation

Celtic chief executive Peter Lawwell and Brian Wilson arrive back from Udinese. Copyright: Willie Vass Scottish taxpayers paid Liquidation tab for private company In 2002, as well being the recipient of £41 million in Labour government subsidies over the previous 2 years, it was discovered by the Scottish opposition, the SNP, in Holyrood that The … Continue reading

Peter Lawwell and The Scottish Coal (Deep Mine) Company Limited liquidation

Mining Liquidation no.2 On a previous post we discovered that Peter Lawwell was a Director at Monktonhall Colliery Company Limited which became insolvent and was liquidated in 1997: https://footballtaxhavens.wordpress.com/2012/12/15/peter-lawwell-was-a-director-of-monktonhall-colliery-ltd-when-it-became-insolvent-went-into-liquidation-in-1997/. Being a glutton for punishment he also became director of another mining company, in fact the Group Finance Director, of The Scottish Coal (Deep Mine) Company Limited from … Continue reading

Celtic FC’s £9 Million Hidden Debt paying 6% in Perpetuity

Hidden round the back In Celtic’s 2012 Annual Report, available under http://www.celticfc.net/corporate_investornews, Chairman Ian Bankier proclaims on page no. 1 under the Summary of Results, that the 2012 Year End net bank debt is £2.77m up £0.53m from 2011. Naturally Scottish football journalists regurgitate the press release, don’t go deeper into the figures and praise the amazing low … Continue reading

Peter Lawwell was a director of Monktonhall Colliery Ltd when it became Insolvent & went into Liquidation in 1997

300 Miners Lose their jobs, Creditors Lose money, Injured Miner Loses out on Compo In May 1997, Monktonhall Colliery Limited [MCL], Midlothian became insolvent and was put in liquidation which put 300 miners on the slag heap. At the time Peter Lawwell was a director of MCL and had been for a year. Even though … Continue reading

HMRC’s oppression of Rangers FC

Oppression of the Innocent I would like to begin with a quote from Glenn Greenwald’s book ‘With Liberty and Justice for Some’: “The law itself wields tremendous power. The legal system’s reach is unparalleled: it can deprive a person of property, liberty, even life. It may compel people to transfer their material goods to others, … Continue reading