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East Dunbartonshire allows repeat Planning breaches on Lennoxtown

East Dunbartonshire Council, against the wishes of their residents, has allowed Celtic PLC to breach a major condition of their original detailed planning permission given in 2006 to build an access road from Glen Road. It has gave a two year reprieve in 2009 and extended that for another 2 years on 31 January 2012. What happened to … Continue reading

Lennox Castle Hospital was Brownfield: Tale of Two Planning Decisions on One Site

The photo above was of Lennoxtown just after it the buildings were cleared. This looks like a Brownfield site but to East Dunbartonshire council this is Greenbelt. You are now entering the parallel world of East Dunbartonshire Planning. However in a report created for the 18th April 2006 East Dunbartonshire Planning Board meeting doc to discuss approving … Continue reading

Outline and Detailed Planning approved for Lennoxtown before sale

East Dunbartonshire Council can delete notices on their website but with archive.org, which copies webpages, we can retrieve both the Outline and Detailed planning permission notices using the deadlinks in the Wikipedia entry for Lennoxtown Training Centre, References 2 & 10: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lennoxtown_training_centre Outline Planning Approval notice given on 21/12/2005 East Dunbartonshire Councillors have granted Celtic … Continue reading

Lennox Castle Hospital grounds had another development given outline Residential Planning granted in 2003

Lennoxtown has the Campsie Village development The grounds of Lennox Castle were bequeathed to the local council in the 1840s by the Kincaid Lennox family. As can be seen above, Lennox Castle Hospital was for Mental Defectives.  Lennoxtown has the Campsie Village development by Mactaggart & Mickel Homes which was part of the Lennox Castle grounds which as they say ‘is conveniently … Continue reading

Only thing impaired at Westhorn appears to be the Price

Westhorn is next door to the Belvidere Village development Notice the site just north of Westhorn, in the Glasgow City Council map above. It’s the Site Of Former Belvidere Hospital. Turns out that it’s being developed by Keir Homes and called Belvidere Village.  A Google Earth map shows the Belvidere development roads next to the green Westhorn land as well … Continue reading

Co-operative Bank requests Lawwell to add more security to Celtic loan facility

It didn’t take the Co-operative Bank long to snaffle up the land the Glasgow City Council approved to be sold to Celtic on 12th December 2013. That’s our’s said the bank on the 24th December 2013. Celtic PLC made a company posting on Christmas Eve which was spotted by pzj. It looks as if the Co-operative … Continue reading

State Aid: Assembling the Case for the EU

The Scottish Government in 2006, allowed the transfer of a £30+ Million 19.53 hectare property near Glasgow, at Lennoxtown, for the heavily discounted (1/60th of the valuation) price of £493,000 to be transferred to Celtic FC for their training facility via the signature of one person, the CEO of Greater Glasgow Health Board. Every attempt was … Continue reading