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The Lennoxtown Initiative charity didn’t deliver one of it’s founding projects, the Integrated Health Centre but did have plenty of funds for the Celtic SLA

The Lennoxtown Initiative, formed as a charity in 2001 had high aspirations, initially at least. Above is their list of projects for regenerating Lennoxtown from October 2002. The page comes from the Tripartite Agreement between Greater Glasgow Primary Care NHS Trust, The Lennoxtown Initiative and East Dunbartonshire Council now listed on the NHS Greater Glasgow … Continue reading

Someone at NHSGGC specifically directed the funds received from Celtic from Lennoxtown back to them under the Celtic SLA

The above is an excerpt from the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator [OSCR] report Scottish Charity Accounts ‘An Updated Guide to the 2006 Regulations’ on how Restricted funds i.e. money allocated by a donor to a specific project has to be reported in the charity’s annual accounts. Note the sentence: ‘Restricted funds are funds that … Continue reading

Scottish Enterprise Dunbartonshire used Lennoxtown Initiative charity to pass funds to Celtic using the Celtic SLA

The above is an excerpt from a FoI review by Scottish Enterprise (SE) relating to their subsidiary, Scottish Enterprise Dunbartonshire’s (SED) involvement with the Lennoxtown Initiative. Note: The SED made a payment of £253,000 [equivalent to half the valuation of Lennoxtown] under the Celtic SLA in The Lennoxtown Initiative charity’s annual report for the year ending 31st March … Continue reading

Follow Follow Follow the Public Pound to the Celtic SLA

In 2004, Audit Scotland issued a report called ‘Following The Public Pound‘ and issued ‘a Follow-up report‘ in 2005. Audit Scotland had issues about Scottish public bodies misusing ALEOs, Arms Length External Organisations that is companies separate from the public body itself, for the delivery of services and issued guidance. Although the focus was on councils … Continue reading