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John Dempsey, EDC Councillor and Lennoxtown Initiative Director, comes out and admits he’s a Celtic PLC Shareholder

One of the main persons driving Celtic PLC to come to Lennoxtown, both in his capacity as an East Dunbartonshire Council (EDC) councillor and as a Director of The Lennoxtown Initiative, was John Dempsey. He’s been there on both sides all the way from the establishment of The Lennoxtown Initiative, the NHSGGC deal to fund … Continue reading

What was the Celtic Service Level Agreement when Services were undefined, Level of performance undefined and there was no Agreement?

What is in a Service Level Agreement (SLA)? Services to be delivered by the Service Provider have to be defined up front so that the recipient of the services knows what they will receive. Level to be delivered means defined performance. The¬†quantity of Services to be delivered to the recipient has to be defined, when … Continue reading