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What services did EDC get from the Celtic SLA, especially in first 2 years when payments to Celtic were highest?

As the graphic above shows Brian Quinn, chairman of Celtic opened Lennoxtown on the 9th October 2007. That’s funny because the two largest payments to Celtic under the Celtic SLA came during the first two years of the nine year Celtic SLA: £329,001 for the year ending 31st March 2007 from the NHS GGC payment into … Continue reading

Direct chain from Celtic’s payment to NHS GGC and their payment back to the Celtic SLA: SED & SFA’s involvement

Disposition by The Scottish Ministers in favour of Celtic PLC: 29 June 2006 Source doc FOI response from NHS GGC on payments to The Lennoxtown Initiative Source doc The Lennoxtown Initiative Accounts for year ending 31 March 2007 The Evidence Trail The first two graphics above are the relevant sections of the ‘Disposition by The … Continue reading

Lennoxtown Initiative recycled what Celtic paid for Lennoxtown back to them, most in the same year. Plus a bonus.

In a previous post I discussed the Celtic Service Level Agreement (CSA) and postulated that The Lennoxtown Initiative charity appeared to be a vehicle for recycling the funds obtained by the NHS GGC for the sale of the Upper Site of the Lennox Castle Hospital grounds. Well it’s true. Celtic got it’s sale money for Lennoxtown … Continue reading

Why do EDC and John Dempsey hide his involvement in The Lennoxtown Initiative?

Normally you cannot get a councillor to shut up about how much work he does for his community so why does East Dunbartonshire councillor John Dempsey hide his time on The Lennoxtown Initiative? He was there at the start and he’s still there as a director. Councillor John Dempsey’s page on the East Dunbartonshire Council website: … Continue reading