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Celtic Park built on Made Ground comprising Ash, Rubble, Sand, Slag, Gravel & even Timber ranging from 27ft – 16ft thick in places

Our engineer says the SHEP report (Scottish Historic Environmental Policy) report done to justify the demolition of the London Road Primary School has been cobbled together – it’s several reports with sections missing from either a photocopy or fax and headers created. Have a look at it under GCC Planning reference 12/01360/DC.

He said that no Site Investigation was done and when you look at the report, the Waterman engineers only used previous borehole data and the SHEP report was basically done to achieve the aim of demolition and was not impartial.

While in the British Geological Survey system I thought I’d have a look at the borehole data in and around Celtic Park.

Establishment of Parkhead/Celtic Park

But firstly to put the location into context have a look at this entry in the CelticWiki of the creation of Parkhead/Celtic Park:

100000 cartloads Parkhead celtic wiki

Parkhead/Celtic Park is built on top of a very large claypit/brickyard and below we’ll look at some of the borehole data and I can tell you it wasn’t filled with earth, which sounds clean and stable, but filled with ash & made ground probably from all the steel works and factories nearby. Some of the thicknesses recorded were 27ft and 21ft.

We can begin to understand the Co-operative Bank, as well as the below market interest rates on the Celtic PLC loan & overdraft, wanting more security from Celtic and their need to deliver it.

Borehole Data Scans

Look at three reports (5 boreholes) of what is under Celtic Park.

The third report records a comment:

Made Ground Very Loose Rubble Timber Ash  Three boreholes with 16ft, 7ft and 6ft of Ash:

16 7 6 ft ash

One borehole of 7+ metres (21ft) of ‘Loose to very loose, black ASH, gravelly sand sized,with traces of sandy silted clay’ plus more beyond that limit:

7 metres ash

One borehole of 9 metres (27ft) of ‘Very loose grey ASH, silty sand and gravel sized, with slag, rubble and occasional timber, becoming loose with depth’

More than 7 metres ash

rest of borehole to 9 metres

When Celtic Park was redeveloped this amount of unstable loose made ground could not have been removed with the stands and playing ground in-situ. Also you cannot transition 27ft, 21ft and 16ft to solid ground very rapidly over such a small area. I reckon its mostly still there.

With the mineshaft, fault and coal workings near the stadium the whole area would appear to be unstable. How could the GCC approve planning for the stadium redevelopment without substantial remediation & stabilisation?

That explain why the facade/entrance to Celtic Park is so lowmaybe the ground/foundations there cannot take a large structure:

Insubstantial facade celtic park

Thanks to the engineer for the SHEP report critique.

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3 thoughts on “Celtic Park built on Made Ground comprising Ash, Rubble, Sand, Slag, Gravel & even Timber ranging from 27ft – 16ft thick in places

  1. There you go; conclusive proof: a shit heap built on a slag heap.

    Posted by Scott Macboy | May 13, 2014, 9:16 am
  2. Bang on the money! This is also the reason why the newly built Emirates arena isn’t higher than it is.
    The original plans called for a two tier cycling track so that more races could be run.

    It could be argued that the emirates was also built on top of sub standard materials including the aforementioned “planks of wood”

    I have also heard that the recently completed celtic way entrance to the stadium was constructed completely out of old broken digestive biscuits and burnt rice crispies – a disaster waiting to happen as any construction professional will tell you that only Kellogg’s frosties can be used on such a project.

    Posted by Big willy | May 13, 2014, 11:00 pm
    • In your half-hearted attempt at humour and mockery you fail to get or don’t want to accept the real point of this and several other posts. Celtic park isn’t going to fall down anytime soon but then neither was the listed primary school. But because it stood in the way of Celtics little land project the rules and LAWS were manipulated to achieve the desired outcome,,,,, and Glasgow lost yet another piece of its heritage. Pathetic and unfunny just like your biscuit comment.

      Posted by Scott Macboy | May 20, 2014, 12:30 pm

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