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Mineshaft, Fault, Voids, Coal Workings, Made Ground conveniently used to justify demolition of LRPS quickly forgotten by GCC in New Building approval

LRPS New Building overlay

The diagram above is from the Flood Risk and Drainage Assessment document for Celtic FC’s new Superstore, Museum, Theatre, Ticket Office, Offices & Cafe under GCC planning reference 12/01359/DC.

To allow this development Celtic were allowed to demolish the Category B Listed London Road Primary School(LRPS).

The diagram shows the New Building housing the multiple storey Superstore, Museum, Theatre,Ticket Office, Offices & Cafe just to the LHS of the dotted outline of LRPS building.

Demolition justified by SHEP report

SHEP stands for Scottish Historic Environmental Policy. This is the report used to demolish the London Road Primary School. It was written by engineers, Waterman, and can be found under GCC Planning reference 12/01360/DC.

Faults were found to justify the demolition of London Road Primary School.

Have a look at excerpts from the SHEP report including mineshaft, fault, voids, coal workings, made ground (infill material) & potentially hazardous material :

Watermans z

Watermans a

Watermans b

Watermans c

New Building Development

Now have a look at the planning approval for the new redevelopment under GCC Planning:

12/01359/DC | Erection of building to incorporate superstore, museum, theatre, cafe, ticket sales, offices and associated facilities, formation of landscaped avenue and associated parking, access and public realm following the demolition of existing buildings including listed buildings. | London Road Primary School 1147 London Road Glasgow G40 3RF

Have a look at the 42 planning documents.

Tell me if you can see any Ground stabilisation/Grouting work [drilling and concrete injection] because I cannot see any.

Suddenly the faults that were there for the justification for demolition of the school have mysteriously vanished.

Also as can be seen in the top diagram, most of the ‘abnormals’/faults are under or close to the New Building on the western boundary of the school.

Glasgow City Council Modus Operandi

As we seen in the previous post, when Westhorn was being re-developed in 2001 then no Environmental Assessment was required but in 2009, when the GCC was selling the land to Celtic PLC, suddenly a lot of ‘abnormals’ reduced the price dramatically and the Geotechnical Report is so sensitive it cannot be exposed to the public.

Likewise, this time, when justification for demolishing the London Road Primary School was required then, via the SHEP reporta fault, voids, coal workings, made ground and a mineshaft were found affecting the ground stabilisation. However for Celtic’s New Building development there appears to be no grouting and ground stabilisation requiredprobably because it would cost perhaps millions.

Glasgow City Councils MO appears to be ‘Whatever benefits Celtic FC then we will do‘ even to the point of them having the arrogance to think the taxpayers are stupid with the same land defects appearing & disappearing to favour their favourite team.

Destruction of History

Also Kerrydale Street, like the London Road Primary School is no more. With the redevelopment in front of Celtic Park the street disappears by what is called a Stop Order:

Kerrydale stop order

London Road Primary School – No More

Kerrydale Street – No More

Westhorn Geotechnical Report – No More

Land Faults Mineshaft and Voids & Abnormals – No more except when selling to Celtic

Apologies to the Proclaimers.

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