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Why did The Co-operative Bank give Celtic Unsecured £31.5m in the year 2000 Given They Almost Went Bust in 1994? Decision Must Have Been Political.

In a previous post titled “Labour Party Triangle: Celtic PLC, The Co-operative ‘Ethical’ Bank, Glasgow City Council” we postulated that the Labour Party/Co-operative Party relationship appeared to be link that pulled everything together. We may have found the source(s). Co-operative Party/Labour Party unity ticket The previous post highlighted the Co-operative Party’s historic links politically with … Continue reading

In COPFS & Police Hierarchy of Victims: Spit & Shove beats hanging Rangers fan/Orangeman effigies or Two Bottled Rangers Kids.

On 2nd April 2019, we saw James Wolffe QC, Scotland’s Lord Advocate, answer issued to the Liam Kerr’s MSP question as to why Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS) , Scotland’s Prosecution Service, lost/(disappeared) evidence of Celtic Fans at Celtic Park during the Celtic v Rangers game in September 2016, hanging 2 effigies, one … Continue reading

For their Irish Republican mates, the SNP Scottish Govt Put Meeting Minutes & Comms on Celtic EU State Aid Case Beyond Scrutiny

SNP Scottish Government Response to EU State Aid Case Emails Minutes Revisited The relevant paragraph is number 2. above where the SNP Scottish Government declare that they retained no communications or minutes of any meetings between the Govt and Glasgow City Council & Celtic when compiling a submission response to the EU State Aid request … Continue reading

In 2008 GCC acquired 3 hectares of Springfield Rd land across from Celtic Park valued at £20 million. In 2007 Westthorn at 5.46 hectares sold to Celtic for £675,000.

In August 2008 Glasgow City Council (GCC) approved two transactions in the Springfield Rd area opposite Celtic Park: 1. An acquisition for a Springfield Rd site of 3 Hectares for £20 million. (on the lower LHS above) 2. a proposed disposal of a second commercial London Rd/Springfield Rd site that became in 2012 a Retail/Hotel development … Continue reading

Was Brian Quinn Banking Supervision’s behind Celtic’s cheap rate Co-operative Bank loan/overdraft in 2000 and his FFP job behind the letter from UEFA Licencing head?

Mr Quinn’s Celtic career began when he became a non-executive director in 1996 when he left the Bank of England then in 2000 he became chairman. Just a reminder that while at the Bank of England he was Head of Banking Supervision. We covered his supervisory highlights in the previous post. Was it then just … Continue reading

Steven Purcell started the GCC policy of Off Market deals used in the Celtic land deals of 2007 but only made it official in 2009.

There has always been corruption in Glasgow City Council politics but Steven Purcell’s reign as Labour party leader of Glasgow City Council from 2005 to 2010 made cronyism Glasgow City Council policy. The council showed no shame in favouring certain Labour supporting mates especially for land disposals. Remember this was the time of ALEOs (the AL, … Continue reading

Glasgow City Council/Celtic EU State Aid investigation was one of the Scottish Government’s Off The Books ‘No Minutes’ cases.

On 1 June 2017, a major development occurred which unfortunately has been overshadowed by the noise from the General Election campaign. Twenty-three journalists representing major news outlets in Scotland wrote an open letter to MSPs tasked with selecting the new Scottish Information Commissioner. It was also copied to Derek Mackay – as FOI Minister, Leslie Evans – Permanent … Continue reading

GCC & Scottish government lie about End of Lease sale conditions to selectively sell Westthorn to Celtic in 2009.

Ever wondered why Glasgow City Council did not put a copy of the Lease Agreement 2000 between themselves and Celtic on their website dedicated to the Land Transactions between the council & Celtic? Well it’s because the lease shows that the council lied and so did the Scottish government in it’s submission to the EU … Continue reading

True Westthorn Health and Safety Executive History. GCC more in the Bullshit zone than Blast zone.

Here is the sequence of Health & Safety Executive (HSE) Consultation Zones involving Westthorn from February 2005 to December 2016. HSE only excludes the MZ – Middle Zone and IZ – Inner Zone of the Consultation Zones from residential development. That land however still had value as car parking or landscaping but was given away free … Continue reading

Westthorn: District Valuer tried for 2 years to protect Glasgow ratepayers but he was conned by Glasgow City Council & Celtic saying they were going to Arbitration.

Here in the District Valuer’s last letter to Glasgow City Council he condemns GCC’s concessions to Celtic but remains hopeful that: “However, at least additional sums should be paid to the Council whenever the valuation of Westthorn is determined by arbitration”. Well the District Valuer’s hopes were dashed because it never went to arbitration. Here … Continue reading