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Thomas Partl: Chairman of UEFA Control, Ethics & Disciplinary for over 20 Years. Appeaser of Celtic/Green Brigade.

From Roger Pielke jr’s paper ‘Obstacles to Accountability in International Sports Governance’. For the prevention of corruption in organisations it is important that there should be turnover at the top level of organisations. Entrenched persons involved in corruption has been seen in footballing authorities from FIFA with Sepp Blatter and the member representatives taking bribes, … Continue reading

Market Abuse due to Child Abuse: Celtic Directors broke the AIM Listing rules on Disclosure on Secret Abuse Investigation.

Peter Lawwell announced on 1 June 2019 that for 2 years the Celtic Board had a third party a “wholly independent and experienced lawyer” investigate what were their possible liabilities regarding the numerous (ring) of paedophiles that occupied the nexus between Celtic FC and Celtic Boys Club. Now Mr Lawwell, how long have you been … Continue reading

SFA/SPL Letters: Neil Doncaster’s ‘I thought I was out but I pulled us back in’ SPFL Merger

We have come across a number of genuine letters that were communications in 2012/13 between a conscientious MP and Scottish football authorities regarding the possibility of a paedophile ring operating at Celtic/Boys Club.  Firstly we will examine the SPL Neil Doncaster’s reply letter. Neil Doncaster Letter Mr Doncaster acknowledges in the first sentence that the … Continue reading

Ajax’s Success undermines their case for Special Champions League treatment. While Embarrassing Celtic who never even Qualified for the Group Stages.

Contrast Ajax UEFA Games with Celtic Ajax began their 2018-19 Uefa Champions League on 25, July 2018, in the 2nd Qualifying Round beating Sturm Graz 2-0 in the Johan Cruff ArenA, Amsterdam. It took 6 qualifying games to get into the Champions League group. Unfortunately they lost their semi-final to away goals against Tottenham Hotspur … Continue reading

Manchester City have a Player Agreement with Danish club FC Nordsjælland. Do they have one with Celtic?

Danish newspaper site Politiken headline on 8 November 2018 Manchester City Celtic Relationship Given the number of players Celtic sources from Manchester City, does the SFA/SPFL know if there is a formal agreement between both club defining the player exchange relationship? Manchester City even boasted of thirteen links in 2016. Although in that article they make no mention … Continue reading

Peter Lawwell, Rummenigge’s ECA bagman at UEFA, returns with nothing while the Elite clubs with their Super League plan to exclude the other clubs.

This is Peter Lawwell returning from his UEFA committee/ECA (European Club Association) board endeavours sucking up to Europe’s elite football clubs and movers & shakers like Karl Heinz Rummenigge. What did he bring back? As stated in a previous post: That’s an extra Champions League qualifier for his team Celtic although Mr Lawwell gained a place … Continue reading

Was Brian Quinn Banking Supervision’s behind Celtic’s cheap rate Co-operative Bank loan/overdraft in 2000 and his FFP job behind the letter from UEFA Licencing head?

Mr Quinn’s Celtic career began when he became a non-executive director in 1996 when he left the Bank of England then in 2000 he became chairman. Just a reminder that while at the Bank of England he was Head of Banking Supervision. We covered his supervisory highlights in the previous post. Was it then just … Continue reading

Blinded by the Disco Lights? How do Celtic shareholders/fans ensure that Peter Lawwell works for Celtic and not just his own interest?

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, Chairman of the ECA (European Club Association) said in September 2016 that the changes the ECA forced UEFA to accept in the UEFA Champions League (UCL), to be implemented in 2018 would: ‘I believe there are no winners and no losers. The new concept is not a revolution, it’s just an evolution, and … Continue reading

Celtic now part of Manchester City’s player Development Pathway through Lawwell & Son. Related Party Transactions need to be reported.

Manchester City on 9 August 2018 announced the signing of Australian Daniel Arzani from their fellow City Football Group team Melbourne City. City Football Group driven by Manchester City includes a network with numerous football teams, however at the time Arzani appeared to be going immediately on loan to another club outwith their network, Celtic. Which … Continue reading

Steven Purcell started the GCC policy of Off Market deals used in the Celtic land deals of 2007 but only made it official in 2009.

There has always been corruption in Glasgow City Council politics but Steven Purcell’s reign as Labour party leader of Glasgow City Council from 2005 to 2010 made cronyism Glasgow City Council policy. The council showed no shame in favouring certain Labour supporting mates especially for land disposals. Remember this was the time of ALEOs (the AL, … Continue reading